The Simple Woman’s Daybook: March 3, 2011

Outside my window… sounds from the birds that live in the giant tree in our complex’s courtyard…

I am thinking… a little about work and a little about my reading for class.  I’m always balancing, always planning (or trying to, at least!); I’m not sure I’ve reached the medium between the work I have to do because it helps sustain us financially and the work I love.

I am thankful for… my dashing husband, noble bug-killer.

From the kitchen… Tonight I’m trying a recipe from Real Simple magazine.  A friend gave me a stack of old issues at the end of the year, and so I’ve gone through and ripped out all the recipes I want to try.  Tonight is “creamy shrimp, bacon, and corn over rice” (sounds super fancy, doesn’t it?). The structure of the dish reminds me of the Thai food B. J. introduced to me, but the “bacon” is reminiscent of good ol’ Paula Deen.

I am wearing… my pajamas…the day hasn’t quite started yet for me.

I am creating… plans for my new reading notebook on Seamus Heaney and more developed ideas for a Children’s Literature conference I’m presenting at in June.  Heaney is truly a poet-priest, but I’m struggling to see the literal connection between formal elements and the meditative quality of his poems – something I know is there but can’t exactly pinpoint.  The paper for the conference is on a Young Adult novel, a futuristic story about a world overrun by a Facebook-like social device (M.T. Anderson’s Feed).

I am going… to make plans for a productive spring break.  No real break for me from work, but no classes!

I am reading… Heaney’s North and Station Island; Selected Writings of Mark Twain

I am hoping… to get better at teaching ESL on Wednesday nights.

I am hearing… the sound of Petey (my large, cuddly dog) breathing heavily in his sleep.

Around the house… is a morning coffee smell.

One of my favorite things… Mexican food.  Saturday night is fiesta night…

A few plans for the rest of the week… date night on Friday; going along with B. J. when he takes engagement pictures of friends; go grocery shopping (and hope that my coupon-cutting/meal-planning will lower the bill…); and exercise?