When Things Finally Slow Down

We’ve finally hit a lull and it feels wonderful.  Papers, projects, reading assignments — all of that is done for the next few weeks.  I can’t wait to feel like a normal human being for a bit.

BJ and I don’t get a lot of breaks.  Our rest time is often dependent upon whether or not a school holiday or snow day turns up.  We’ve figured out that when we finally see a lull on the horizon, we tend to overextend ourselves within that oh-so-limited space.  We make lists of all the books we want to read, plan big projects for the unit, and brainstorm how we can fit a semester’s worth of lost sleep into a few short weeks.  It never goes well.

This time around, we’ve decided to be different.

We’re limiting ourselves to no more than four goals/tasks that we want to accomplish in the merry month of May.  Here are mine:

1. Clean out my hard drive.  That paper from my sophomore year about Jekyll and Hyde is a waste of word processing space.  It does not belong on my hard drive.  Neither do all of my old weekly work schedules.  Or the paint files I sometimes doodle on. (See below.)  The best way I know to do this is to set a timer for 15 minutes a day where I just sit and delete.  For the fancier stuff that I want to keep around, I’m going to start using Dropbox — just in case little Seamus (my netbook) finally fails me.

2. Read one book. Just one.  If others happen along the way, that’s fine.  But I’m only setting a goal for one.  I’m mainly going to be a movies/albums kind of gal for the next three weeks.

3. Clothing Purge. I’ve got to give away some of this stuff.  Much of it needs to just get thrown away. My goal for my wardrobe?  Downsize my cardigan collection. Ditch the t-shirts.

4. Get Crafty.  Because of school/work/life, this doesn’t happen much.  For this break, I need to do more things with my hands and less stuff with my brain.  I’ve got a running list of fun things I’ve been dying to try, one of which is Homemade Chocolate Syrup.  Other ideas I may come up with on my own — those will be interesting.

About that paint drawing…

Today’s artwork was inspired by Hyperbole and a Half.  It’s like storytime for adults. Go there and be entertained.  Watch out for the Alot.

{Cozy Thailand beach picture from BJ’s photoblog}


  1. B. J. Parker

    I’m not sure what my four things are yet. Maybe I’ll write a novel, draw a comic book, translate all of the fall semester’s Hebrew, study for the GRE, rework a couple of papers for a conference, paint a few portraits, and brew three batches of beer. Sounds reasonable, right?

  2. Don Bailey

    One of the four – Spend time with the In-laws!! Can’t wait to see you guys.

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