The Tenth Street Guerrilla Garden

If there is anything I’ve learned from being married to BJ for a whole year, it’s this: do what makes sense to you until someone tells you no.  Of course, this doesn’t apply across the board, but I have a tendency to formulate all kinds of unnecessary, imaginary rules that I always worry I might be breaking.  Not so much anymore.  The most recent example of this new-found freedom is our guerrilla garden, a quaint installation of veggies growing in tires in a vacant lot.

Want to know how to meet your neighbors?  Start hauling old tires and a truck full of dirt to the unused green space in front of their complex.  Then start planting tomatoes.

What’s funny is that no one really has a problem with gardens, even when the entire garden is planted in rows of old tires.  People seem to appreciate the novelty of it, but there’s a lot of good sense behind it too.  Why not turn an empty, unused space into something useful?

You know, I’m glad us Parkers have cheap hobbies.  The most expensive thing in this garden is the dirt.

And no, we only half-asked permission to do this; but as pretty as this set-up looks, I don’t think anyone will be asking us to rip it down any time soon.  And no, it’s not just for us.  You plant a public garden and folks will undoubtebly get to pickin’.  It’s supposed to be that way.

Oh, yes, and happy anniversary to you, my rule-breaker husband!

(And special thanks to Sarah and Jess for helping us make the tires beautiful!)


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