We Believe in Biking

Doesn’t she look pretty?  Her name is Beverly.  Although I’ll miss Cassandra (who was swiped and very probably pawned), Bev has got something special about her.  Yes, the basket is fantastic (it can hold an entire casserole dish very comfortably), and her frame is gigantic, but there’s something wonderful about a bike that isn’t covered in gears and complicated breaking mechanisms that are always a bit too difficult for me to master.  You know where your strengths are when you can remember all of the character names in Bleak House, but you struggle to remember how to work the speeds on your bike.

We’ve done a lot of biking since January, mostly in an effort to cut down on gas costs once they started skyrocketing.  You notice things when you bike that you would never pay attention to in a car, and, more importantly, you become sensitive to just how massive and smelly those cars really are.

Nowadays, I love that campus is crawling with bikes once the semester starts, but before I was converted to my new belief in bikes, I thought they were an absolute hazard.  They’re not. For those of you who are converted like me, here are some of my favorite urban biking resources.  Happy riding!