New Growth: A Garden Update

The renegade garden has grown up a lot in the past few weeks.  Not only did it get a name, but it also got some swell compliments from our neighbors, our property manager, and the folks who cut the complex’s grass on Tuesdays.

Some plants just can’t handle the Texas heat (READ: tomatoes), but the squash, green beans, cucumbers, and chili peppers have proved to be goof-proof even in the sweltering sun.  It makes an amateur gardener (just me; BJ is a pro) feel unusually proud to see her seedlings fight the weather that kills everything else.

Squash.  By far our quickest growing veggie.  It thrives while I give it almost nothing to help it along the way:

Cucumbers.  This guy drinks two gallons of H2O a day.  He’s the only one of three cucumber plants to survive, so he’s a bit of a fighter:

Green beans.  I’m officially convinced that green beans are the absolute easiest legume to grow on the planet.  They shot up to three inches a sprout in a single weekend.  Now they’re slowly creeping toward the twine…I think I’m most excited about this veggie.

And the chili peppers.  These are also extremely Texas-friendly.

In fact, this little bugger brought us our first small (and spicy) harvest:

And you’ll never guess some of the gardening-related changes we’re about to make to our kitchen…  More on that later.

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