Hot Chocolate in the Summertime

We’re lucky enough to have an “all bills paid” unit, with AC and water included.  The trade-off is that our apartment is less than modern, with a smattering of structural kinks that are out of our hands.  Example: I think one of our counters (and the cabinets under it) is about to fall off the wall. Another example: Last week, I watched a roach climb out of a hole in our bathtub.  Yes, we have a rusty orifice in our bathtub unrelated to any drains or spouts.

The beautiful part, though, is the air conditioning.  We don’t leave it on all the time, but, hey, we aren’t always here. In my in-between time during the day, I can come home, pop on the AC, and put on a sweater.  It’s fabulous.  It helps me regain my consciousness after dragging myself through the sun (which, by the way, is definitely larger here).

A few days ago, in my arctic glory, I made hot chocolate (real hot chocolate; not Swiss Miss) and suddenly realized that I’d forgotten the taste of Christmas. It was bittersweet, since it made me confront just how far away those winter family reunions really are. No Georgia family for another 5 months. No taste of the sweet, sweet Southeast until the weather turns cold.

It’s a bummer that this sort of heat can drain you of that Whoo-like spirit.

So, I’m pulling out my Christmas mug.  I recognize that we have a “Christmas season” for a reason, but I want to get back in touch with O Come, O Come Emmanuel and O Holy Night for a little stint this summer.  Basically, all the songs with O.

But in all seriousness: when Advent rolls around, we put on the trappings of the season, and our aesthetic instincts respond with a quickness akin to Petey joyfully responding to the word “eat.”  But don’t we still feel moved when we accidentally come across a shoebox of Christmas ornaments?  Or, in my case, pull out the Christmas tree mug from the back of the cupboard?  I want to spend a little time this summer seeing if I can play with that instinctual response, a response that’s laced with a sense of homecoming.  Because this is home, after all.  Hot as it may be.


  1. Don Bailey

    Merry Christmas Courtney! I so wish it was that time of year. I really miss you guys, Love you both, Dad

  2. Robin

    Even though reading your blog made me realize how much I miss you, I find so much joy in it. The way you look at everyday life, and the smallest of details in life, is so uplifting. I love you both, Mom.

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