The Absent Honeymoon Album

We’re not very good at keeping photo albums.  Example: the only physical pictures we have from our wedding are ones that other people have printed for us (both of which, actually, were printed by my mom).

I always loved looking through my family’s photo albums, thick binders of photo pages where most of the pictures had little notes on the back.  With so many images on our Facebooks, the captions get overlooked, and the pictures themselves are breezed over like the ones in a flip book.

I’m resisting that today.  BJ took some swell pictures while we were on our honeymoon, shots that (I think) captured the feel of that tiny little fishing town in Nova Scotia.  In a way, too, they reflect the honeymooning feeling.  Not the gooey stuff, but the sense of rediscovering something (or someone) in a brand new light, even looking at your same old self with new eyes.  These pictures were of old places and old scenes, but they were new, too.

Listen, a beach vacation is awesome, but imagine going somewhere you would never go otherwise.  I’m proud that we did that.

Here’s a view from the ferry.

And a few fisherman barns that were too colorful to ignore.

BJ tends to get close-ups of all the interesting things I miss.  Such is the life of being married to a snazzy photog.

And we were moderately jazzed about taking pictures of seagulls…

In the midst of all of the bird pictures, though, most of the shots of us turned out less than artistic.  Go figure.

Except for this one.  That caption definitely was not overlooked.

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    I guess it’s no surprise that I really dig a post that’s actually a picture album!

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