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This Is Why People Settled Here

We’ve been looking for a bit more space lately.  480 square feet is no closet, but the dogs make the space feel like their own personal playground — a very, very small playground.

We need a fenced-in backyard.  Let me rephrase that: we don’t necessarily need it, but it’s one of those things that I know would take some of the stress off of our super small space.

So, in typical Parker fashion, we combined our inclination toward extremism with our love of a good deal.  We almost jumped on a rental property in The Boonies, Texas that was $450 a month, located right in the middle of someone else’s cattle farm.  Seriously.

We were this close.  But good sense finally kicked in, and we realized that a 35 minute drive to work/school with only one car was a bad idea.  The peacefulness of the place, though, was nothing short of perfect.

Picture this: You’re sitting on a front porch, hopefully eying some dark storm clouds that hover over the fields in front of you.  Even though the air smells like cattle, there’s a sense of natural industriousness that makes it bearable — maybe even enjoyable.  The cicadas are the size of golf balls, falling out of the trees and bouncing from the edges of wild cactus plants — cacti with beautiful, pink blooms.  Cattle are actually lowing.

This is real Texas.

Our German teacher this summer asked (in her thick Scottish accent), “Why on aarth ded people seh’uhl hare?”  This was why, we thought.

We’re not moving to the boonies this time around, but we’re glad it’s there, quietly present in the back of our own urban landscape.

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  1. B. J. Parker

    I’m seriously reconsidering it after reading your post. You perfectly captured my feelings.

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