Mutant Cucumbers & Parking Lots

The garden is exploding (thanks to BJ’s hard work), but we were surprised to see how mutant-like some of our cucumbers were.

I mean, hey, they’re still cucumbers.  Just a little off-beat.

Related to gardening, though: I was cooling off in the Honda while BJ picked up some supplies at Wal-Mart and happened to witness an epic narrative concerning a single, abandoned shopping cart.

Scene One: Couple gets into giant, Texas-flag-bearing truck and leaves their cart in the middle of the empty space next to them.  They are a mere four spaces away from the cart return.  I judge them.

Scene Two: Noble-looking Texas man walks toward the cart minutes later.  I expect him to swoop in and quickly shove the cart into the cart return, but instead watch him drop his trash in the cart’s baby seat.  I judge him a lot.

Scene Three:  The ever valiant Wal-Mart employee stops his cart train mid-aisle and pushes the trash cart to the nearest can to dump Texas Man’s garbage and put the abandoned cart at the beginning of the train.  I applaud him.

Then I realize I’ve been sitting the air-conditioned car for the past fifteen minutes observing this anger-inducing show when I could’ve just moved the cart myself.  Yep, I probably deserve those mutant cucumbers.


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