The Flood (and the Blue Sky)

The worst is over.

Our bathroom (otherwise known as Old Faithful) decided it hates us and brought us a flood.  Although its liquidy anger has been quelled for the time being, the past week has still enlightened us as to what it’s like to live in a swamp.  Squishy, wet carpet everywhere.  Mustiness.  No-show carpet cleaners.  And a bathroom that has become our worst enemy.

It’s not fun to be in a fight with your bathroom, especially when your bathroom could retaliate with another flood at any given moment.  That farm house in the boonies keeps looking better and better…

So, in an effort to get out of the house (and away from the bathroom’s fury), we took our Chinese international student, Edmond, out to Italian for dinner.  We actually introduced him to lasagna.  We also showed him how to eat it with a fork.

In what I think is a sign of his comfort with us (otherworldly Americans that we are), he very sweetly told us about his girlfriend back in China:

“Yes, I was studying for Chinese college exams and I — how do you say? — fell in love with a girl.  I did not do so well on exams.”

When we asked him his favorite thing about Texas, I was surprised: “The sky is blue here.”  In the urban areas of China, he explained, there’s so much pollution the sky is more of a grayish-greenish color.  Nothing like the bright blue canopy that we’ve been frustrated with all summer for not giving us any rain.

After dinner, we took him to the park, up to Lover’s Leap.  The sun was setting as we looked out over the river and the tree tops around it.  It was calm, serene, and nothing like the battle-zone we’d left at home.

“It’s so quiet here,” Edmond said.  “And the sky is very blue.”

Somehow, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Old Faithful has been quiet since.

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