Liminality and the Non-Home Oasis

You know what makes everything better?  Sitting in a not-so-crowded Starbucks, drinking out of your own mug, and listening to the The Beatles over the coffee shop’s loudspeakers.  Everything on your to-do list that has been piling up all week suddenly finds the space to get finished.  It’s glorious.

Our weeks are so busy.  Maybe even beyond busy.  And Apartment 123 is suffering from it.  Really…the unit is gross right now.

What I love about this little non-home oasis is that it forces me to focus only on the next few hours.  I’m not thinking about where we will be in six months or even two years.  I’m focused on where we are right now, and it’s wonderful to have that kind of relief.

Our life right now makes us feel pushed to focus on the next thing, the next step, and the next home.  We’re weary of that.  You’d think that being engaged for a season would give you your fill of liminality (or, being betwixt and between), but being married doesn’t do much to stop that anticipatory outlook either.

That’s why I love this picture that BJ took about a year ago.

It makes an effort to collapse all of the good things about our work into a single frame; it’s a reminder of the moment-by-moment outlook, not the five year plan.

We’re so over the five year plan.