On Motorcycles and Moving

It’s been like Christmas here, and I’m not talking about the cooler-than-usual weather.

In his resourceful fashion, BJ found a man on Craigslist who was willing to trade his Honda Magna motorcycle for Optimus Prime, our 1978 Ford truck.


This new motorcycle (we’ve named her Maggie) brings back a flood of nostalgia from when we first met.  BJ had only his motorcycle for more than a year when he was in seminary, driving in the rain, heat, and even the freezing cold all the way to Atlanta.  He was tough.  He’s still tough.  But I think Maggie brings him back to this particular stage of tough.

We’ll miss Optimus, but he’s mostly been sitting for the past year.  He needs to be loved on more.  (Yes, I’m speaking anthropomorphically; after all, we did name him…after a Transformer.)

So, why a motorcycle?  Well, motorcycles save money on gas.  Yes, but don’t you walk to work?

Not for much longer.   Oh, yes.  We’re moving.  M-O-V-I-N-G.  This (along with the motorcycle) is perhaps the most surprising thing to happen to us in the past few months.  An opportunity appeared (attached to some good friends looking to invest in rental property) and, voila, a new home appeared.

The unit has been swell.  I have more confidence than ever in our ability to transform a quirky space into something comforting, but we’re ready to stretch our arms out a little.  The dogs are drooling over the (get this) fenced-in backyard, too.

The Specs: A two-story (three if you count the attic loft), 1920s home with way more space than we can fill.  Covered in hardwood floors and few unusual appliques (READ: fishy tiles in the bathroom), this place shouts potential through a megaphone.  It’s beautiful.  It’s going to be home.  It will be a warm home for a while, however, since the wiring in the house isn’t conducive to central air conditioning.  We’ll figure that out, I’m sure.

I hesitate to drool too much, though, since near-perfect things often fall through, but I’m feeling pretty confident about this.

For now, I’m planning on enjoying our last month in the unit.  It’s cozy here (and the air conditioning is endless and free), but it’s time to move on.


  1. Don Bailey

    Can’t wait to see maggie and the new house in November! Miss you guys!

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