Prepping for Pemberley

This morning, while I was sleepily drinking coffee at my desk, BJ hovered in the background and asked, “Hey, aren’t we moving in less than four weeks?”

I shuddered a little.  Four weeks?  Really?  Suddenly, all of the stuff around me looked like it needed to be in boxes, or at least needed to be organized for packing.  Moving is hard.  We remember what it was like to truck our stuff from Georgia to Texas in what felt like a train of Conestoga wagons — blue tarp in the place of muslin.  It was (to use an appropriate Battlestar expletive) frackin’ hard.

And now we’re doing it again provided the legal-ish things go well.  (We’re not the buyers, after all; we’re just the first tenants.)

I thought I might have a minor freakout when I realized how soon we were moving.  Now, though, I’m getting excited about the inevitable purge that accompanies a move.  You know how many pots and pans we have?  Like, twenty.  You know how many I actually use?  Um, five.

And guess what I’m even more excited about.  The house’s name.


That’s right.  We’re naming the house after Mr. and Mrs. Darcy’s, ahem, “humble” abode.  I seriously considered pushing for “Bleak House,” but I didn’t think anyone would get the irony.  Names like “The Lair” or “Love Shack” were nixed, too.

I’m lucky to have an artsy husband who can whip up a Pemberley sign with some Regency flair.  Pictures of the house (and its swag) coming soon.

I realize that this Austen stuff makes me look like a bit of a fangirl, but I’m okay with that.  I am an English teacher, friends.  However, the Austen influx is only reinforced by the launch of my good pal Carolyn’s social network, blog, and Twitter — all of which revolve around the idea of being Vicariously Jane.  If you like Janie, too, then follow her (@VicariouslyJane)!

What would Jane think of the Parker Pemberley?  Oh, she would totally disapprove.

1. We’re not downsizing.  Jane loves downsizing.  Think of Anne Elliot, that frugal, late-20’s heroine of Persuasion who was totally down for living on a ship with Captain Wentworth.  She would’ve sold Kellynch in a heartbeat, too.

2. Our house is not a literary allusion to our stability and maturity as a couple — sorry, Darcys.

3.  We have big dogs and we let them on the couch.  I think of Jane as more of a cat person.  Not sure why.

4. There’s nothing Gothic about this house (hey, it’s Pemberley, not Northanger Abbey), so no bright-eyed heroines can confuse creaks in the house with the ghosts in her Gothic thriller.

5. It’s in-town and on the block system.  This just might be the Texas equivalent to Bath.  Remember, Jane no like Bath.

 So, T-minus four weeks and counting!  Onward to Pemberley!

(Listen, I recognize the absurdity of the picture.  But I wanted to put a relevant image — READ: an Austen book — in the same frame as our daily garden fare.  The garden is crazy productive right now, by the way.)

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  1. New goal in life: Write posts as clever as Courtney’s. You incorporated Jane, Battlestar, a list, a garden, the task of moving, and links to my sites all in one. Teach me the skills.

    Also, Parker Pemberley? How perfect is that? I can’t wait to see pictures.

    And Jane is definitely a cat person. I’m also not sure why.

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