Halloween, Love, and the Un-Dead

Last year for Halloween, we carved a Yoda pumpkin — but that was about as festive as we got.  (Hey, we only had one trick-or-treater.)

This year, though, we topped it with something way less perishable than a pumpkin: zombie apocalypse engagement photos for our friends Adam and Brittany.

Our zombie inspiration came from photographer Amanda Rynda, whose zombie engagement photos went viral a few short months ago.  We love the idea of love “bearing it out to the edge of doom”…or at least the edge of the zombie apocalypse.

BJ is posting a new image from this (mildly gory) engagement shoot daily on his photoblog.  Special thanks to Wal-Mart and Ben for creating such a wicked zombie.

And, yes, we took normal pictures, too.