Pre-Move Sunday Afternoon

We’re enjoying the last bit of calm before the moving storm (which has nearly begun) by spending our Sunday afternoon in our usual caffeine-rich spot.  Four cups down – and now half a giant water cup – and we’re one step closer to mentally prepping for this new transition.

Moving is sort of empowering, isn’t it?  I’ve been sitting here making a “goals” list for the week, and it doesn’t give me the wow-I-have-so-much-to-do feeling like you would expect; instead, it’s a wow-I’m-awesome sensation.  Clean out the pantry with our meals this week?  Check.  Cancel utilities?  Check.  Pack just one, big box per day?  Total Check.

This is the least stressful move I’ve ever experienced.  Granted, we’re only moving across town, but I’m already feeling the satisfaction of knowing that we’ve got this covered.

Those feel-good sensations could definitely change, but, for now, I’m enjoying them.

And look at how productive we’re being!  (Here’s BJ working hard.)

Transition time is coming.  My biggest goals are to stay energized and enjoy the sentimental, crazy mess that is moving.

For now, though, I’m cool just sitting still.




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  1. Don Bailey

    Muted excitement and anticipation. Planning can make all the difference. Great writing Courtney!

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