Hello, Pemberley!

It’s begun.  The move is happening now.  See? Our new digs ain’t too shabby:

Sigh.  This is so cool.

We’ve already started the process of moving our stuff — little things here and there and lots of cleaning in between.   Serious cleaning.  Tomorrow, BJ and a friend will start putting up the rest of the fence while I mop, dust, wipe, and (hopefully) paint.  Things are a little surreal right now.  School, teaching, and writing feel unimportant (even though I know they aren’t) in the midst of this wild new thing.  This is a life thing.  Wow.

Oh, and look!  The house came with some free, old furniture!

Guess what else it came with — two more (old-ish) couches, a broom, blinds, yellow lace curtains (which I tore down and threw away today), one roll of toilet paper, a Christmas tree cotton ball holder, and a fly-swatter.  Nice perks, eh?

You know what made it real for me, though?  Our own city garbage can.  Hello, um, Texas?  We’ve really arrived now.

We’ll post plenty more pictures soon!