Some People Like Ugly Things

I’ve mentioned that Pemberley has its fair share of quirks — maybe I’ve underestimated just how quirky they are.  Take this sticky mural as an example, formerly hanging in our soon-to-be master bedroom:

We’re talking eight feet by five feet.  This mural was a monster.  Get up close and you can see all the little pixels that make up this relaxing (?), North American (??) landscape.

Notice the rip in the bottom left corner.  That was my “test tear” to see just how much trouble the mural would be for us.   I should qualify that this mural is not inherently “ugly”; it just looks really out of place when you consider the Central Texas landscape outside.  Snowy mountaintops and yellow-colored leaves?  Not seeing it.

This is me acknowledging the weirdness.

While I painted the room next to the bedroom, the guys worked on taking down this scenic glory.  First, they found some kind of acid-based solution in the house’s shed to loosen up the adhesive.

After that “found solution” ate through the plastic cups, they went to Lowe’s and asked for help.  Good men.

When they came back and got started on the wall with a fresh bottle of “Goof Off,” there was much joy.  The mural came off (mostly) and the wall didn’t suffer too much damage in the process.  Like I said, not too much damage

We had planned on painting this room that same day, but the four hours we spent on taking down the sticky mural and inhaling chemicals made us quit early and go get pizza.

Our official moving day is Saturday.  We’re behind on our packing.  We both have deadlines for writing projects that won’t go away and completely overlap with our moving plans.  I mistakenly packed a jug of vegetable oil on its side and drenched our pots and pans in what smells like liquid fried chicken.  Now, our dogs won’t stop licking our boxes.  We’re tired.  We’re antsy.  We’re irritable and overwhelmed.

But, friends, we are alive.


  1. B. J. Parker

    Being in the apartment makes me hungry. Mmmm…fried chicken.

  2. I’m loving the updates, gal. Keep ’em coming.

    And of course, wonderful last line. That’s going to move me through my Friday.

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