Goodbye, Apartment 123.

I’m nostalgic enough.  Saying farewell to an old home usually brings on the sentiment in a big way for me; but this time, things felt different.  There are many things about Unit 123 that I won’t miss, and that number is high enough to trump most of the usual tears.

And yet…

Our little apartment was our first joint-venture in real homemaking.  I don’t count the basement since we barely lived there long enough to unpack.  I do count BJ’s barn, but that was long before we were married.

The apartment was the start.  It depressed us, flooded us, stretched us, and connected us.  Want to start out your marriage really getting to know each other?  Live in 480 sq. feet.

It was enough.  We didn’t need more.  We were proud of our little space, proud that it could handle us and we could handle it.  Choosing to start out as small as possible made our hearts grow large, and pushed us to get creative in the midst of a unit that probably wouldn’t pass county inspection.  It was a good home.

But then we grew a little.  Just a little.  And now, through new blessings, new gifts, and new friends, we’ve found a nesting place that fits us a wee bit better.  Now, there’s a yard for the pups to play.  There’s space to share with friends.  There’s room for our family to grow larger (not for a while, though!).

And there are windows.  So many windows…

We promise more pictures are coming.  We’re still nesting, you see.