Thankful for Kitchen Windows

This is our second “married” Thanksgiving.  Last year, we bummed off gracious Waco friends for our turkey; this year, BJ smoked it on our very own back patio in our very own R2-D2 smoker.  (Just like turkeys at the Renaissance festival!)

Last Thanksgiving was hurried, homework-laden, and icy cold.  I think we slept through most of the break, and we topped off our Thanksgiving day with popcorn, beer, and Love Actually.  This year there was family, “Apples to Apples,” and a real live Christmas tree with cardboard ornaments.  The popcorn and beer will probably come later today…

There was also lots and lots of pie.


I’m thankful for a lot; so much, in fact, that it feels like a too-large task listing every single one.  But there are a few from this past week that stick out like my blistered thumbs and fingers from cooking so much recently.

…for a mother who cleans our house top to bottom — a knees to the hardwood, fumes to the brain kind of love.

for a dad who makes sure our windows shut completely (after finding and using a very loud specialty tool) for the short winter season Waco brings.

for a little brother in the Navy who revealed to me that, no, sailors don’t just live on boats.

for a mother-in-law and father-in-law who are cool enough to ride a Harley and welcome a new daughter like they’ve known her all along.

for a sister-and-brother in law who let me come watch their little one (and the big ones!) open presents on Christmas morning.

for tough grandmothers.

…for a beloved community of friends who seem to like us just the way we are.

…for a real house  with lots and lots of little projects to keep us busy.

for a wonderful husband/second-self who listens to my stories and wears his Stars Wars paraphernalia proudly.  

…for a very good God and for, as Walter Brueggemann calls it, a season of “orientation.”  May we accept the “disorientation” when it inevitably comes and bear it out with faithfulness.

And, of course, for kitchen  windows that make doing the dishes not so bad.

Happy start of the holiday season!

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