Warming Up to Advent

This is my Advent picture.  BJ took this a few months ago, a neat photo series of an abandoned Waco church that is overgrown with Texas ivy.  The church is busted and broken, but life is still trying to get in; in fact, it’s literally beating down the windows.

We spend our Advent season like everyone else it seems: busy.  We wake up at the last minute to get to each meeting, reunion, and we’re growing weary of the interstate.  It’s worth it, though.  You know you’re with friends when a whole year of little connection seems irrelevant once you’re together again.  Maybe that easy, welcoming reunion is an underplayed component of Advent.  We anticipate it, sure, but the ease with which we slide into old friendships — ones that outlast time apart — seems peculiar to this season.

We’re lucky to have friends here.  And we’re lucky to have friends to come home to once we head back to the Wack.  This church, though, is still anticipating something — a good reminder for me, I think, of how blessed we are.

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  1. Jenny Floyd

    I really enjoy reading your blog, there is a chance I might be moving across the country with my husband someday and I like reading about how much of an adventure you are having. Also this is Jenny Socotch.

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