The Sixth Day of Christmas

We’re celebrating Advent all the way through this year.  Twelve full days from Christmas on.

Sometimes the joy leading up to Advent falls apart once the post-Christmas blues set in.  No more, though.  We plan on being sick of Christmas by January 5th (or, if my math is wrong, maybe the 6th).

The Christmas tunes are still playing, candles are still glowing, and our tree is still slowly dying.   Our home in Waco saw Christmas without us this year, and we can’t wait to get back to finish out our twelve-day Christmas festivus.

About this time last year, we were scurrying to finish our Christmas letter, which eventually ended up as a comic and didn’t get mailed until February.  It was quite possibly one of the neatest things we ever did.


But making a comic is a lot of work, especially since BJ sketches the entire spread and postage isn’t cheap.  This year, I’m thinking we’ll take a nice Christmas picture with the pups once we get back to Waco and (dare I admit it?) post it here on the Interwebs.

People who get their Christmas cards in the mail by November stress me out.

Our 2011 Advent was about trashing the non-essentials.  We each brought one tiny suitcase to Georgia, shipped all of our Christmas gifts for family to my parents’ house, and made very few plans.  In a way, we sort of just showed up for Christmas.  And it was okay.

But Advent is still going strong for us, even if everyone else has already taken down the decorations.  May the remaining days of your Advent celebration be filled with peace and joy.