“For 25 years, Teacher.”

Last night before my ESL class, one of my students tried to explain to me what she did over Christmas.  With my less-than-pathetic Spanglish, I figured out that she had spent most of her vacation in Mexico with her family, but the last bit was hard to follow.

Then she pulled out a picture.  “Yo y mi husband,” she said.  “Para 25 years, Teacher.”  She had renewed her vows.  The pictures were of her, same age as my mother, in a (yes) smoking hot wedding gown.  It was fabulous.  She has a proud look about her most times when I have her in class, a kind of pride that’s unscathed by making mistakes in English.  But these pictures showed off something much more wonderful — something that made our 1 and 1/2 year marriage look like a baby marriage compared to hers.

We’ve been married for over eighteen months.  I recognize that, by comparison, it’s barely a dent in the life-long marriage timeline we hope for.  But so much has happened.  So much has changed in eighteen months.  Twenty-five more years of “happenings” seems daunting.


Then she showed me a picture of her whole family gathered around her:  all seven children dressed up and smiling with their parents.  I told her that BJ and I had only been married for a year and a half — that we were very far away from celebrating 25 years.

Then she asked, “Teacher, one year?”

“Yeah, Maria.  Just eighteen months.”

(And then the question I hear at least once a month…)

“No babies yet, Teacher?”

Good grief.  Sigh.



  1. Don Bailey

    No babies yet! No problem girl. Get to know each other first. Babies will come when you are both ready. Love you!

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