A few mornings ago, I couldn’t fit the teapot under the faucet because the sink was piled too high with dishes and cutlery junk.  It was a come to Jesus moment.

So, Jesus told me I might have too much on my plate.

It’s true.  We’re busier than normal people, which is a problem since we typically pride ourselves on veering toward normalcy.  After all, normal is good.

But on the day before Mt. Dish, I had literally gone from 8:30am to 8:30pm without a substantial break.  It was stupid to think I could handle such a tight schedule, because the tiny bit where my 30 minute dinner/planning break was snatched from me (the bold portion) proved to be the deal-breaker for the manageability of the day.  When the schedule is set, spontaneity stinks.

  • 8:30 Go to school.
  • 9:05 Teach things.
  • 10:00 Grade everything.
  • 1:25 Teach things (same things as before).
  • 2:30 Go to class.
  • 5:45 Realize the professor doesn’t know the class ended fifteen minutes ago.
  • 6:00 Professor realizes.
  • 6:05 Leave to go teach again. Forget to eat.
  • 6:30 Teach ESL.  Call it “conversation night” because I didn’t have time to plan the lesson, and I can barely stand up because all I really want is my own personal package of Ore Ida waffle fries to inhale as quickly as possible.  And they are waiting for me at home.

It was a terrible, terrible day.  When I finally got home and looked at myself in the mirror, I didn’t look like myself.  I looked pale and icky and pathetic.  My eyes had these pink rings around them — sort of like what happens when you accidentally spray perfume in your eyes.  My fingernails were raw from chewing.  My lips were chapped.  My body felt like it couldn’t sit up straight.

What a strange feeling, though, especially for someone who works very hard to know when to say no.  I say no to things more than yes, especially since Beej and I got married.  It’s liberating to be noncommittal sometimes.  I like being intentional with my priorities. (Sorry to the people who dislike that.  I used to dislike people like me too!)

But Wednesdays are just going to be terrible this semester.  I accept it.  But only because of maxims like this one from Exploding Dog.

“My two goals for today were coffee and shoes.  I’m a success!”

 I support productivity in all of its various forms.  Productivity is large.  It contains multitudes.

Thank goodness for that.