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Thankful Musings on Fat Tuesday

  • Morning temperatures in the low sixties, which makes moving around a dark, early morning Parker home bearable.  A nice change from the cold days of watching your breath in the kitchen.
  • Feeding freshmen “real” food at our small group.
  • Surviving a full day of student conferences because I’m planted ten feet away from a Starbucks hub in the library.
  • Free cinnamon rolls leftover from a faculty breakfast in said library.
  • This casserole.  I’ve been eating on it for the past three days.
  • The energy to read something completely unrelated to my school work long past midnight.
  • Small discoveries that I should have learned in undergraduate (probably did learn them, but they got lost in the shuffle):  Twelfth Night refers (duh, Courtney) to the Feast of Epiphany, which makes sense considering the play’s trumpeting of  “truth” and “discovery”…  and it’s the calendar twin to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare’s summer solstice play.  Embrace the Englishy geekery.
  • An iPhone (gasp!) coming in the mail (and the final moments of having a of phone of a simpler persuasion).  Still nixing internet access at home, but no more missed meetings because “I didn’t get the memo.”
  • The advice section of The Chronicle of Higher Education — those folks can relate.
  • Blooming flowers in the backyard that were overlooked by the happy trampling of the pups.
  • The promise of evenings together when the fall semester begins.  That means we’ll eat dinner at our dinner table.  Every night.  Yes.
  • Why are we eating dinner together starting in August?  Because BJ was finally  accepted to the PhD program and will work a 9-5 shift rather than an evening shift, which means I’m also thankful for this…
  • A husband who toiled away at graduate school for six years before earning his PhD acceptance letter.  And not once did he complain.
  • The beginning of Lent.  No “giving things up” this year.  I want to take something on, something to make me more sensitive to the signs around me.  And the preparations begin…

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