Soul-Screaming Weekend (Thanks to Ezekiel 16)

I’m wondering if that double word (a “kenning,” if you will) makes any sense: soul-screaming.  It’s the only term that, I think, gets at the stress of this past weekend — a weekend where we nearly crashed.

Let me bring you up to date: BJ has been hurriedly working on a graphic novel version of Ezekiel 16, a gruesome and racy section of the Old Testament that most churches would happily push under the rug — for good reason, too.  Its themes of objectification and abuse make the passage more-than-difficult to digest, so much so that there are some camps who wouldn’t mind tossing it out of the canon.  Yeah, it’s that controversial.

So, of course, BJ thought he would tackle it.  In graphic novel form, no less.

(I’m only posting the first page [total tease, I know] since Beej will be posting the whole series over the next week on Graphic Musings…but doesn’t it look awesome!?)

This weekend, BJ was a *featured artist* at a religion conference, hence the crazy project before you.

Basically, the weekend was ridiculous.  On Friday night, we spent 5 hours on campus digitizing all of the pages.  BJ working on our two pitifully slow computers was barely enough to let us finish the files before 8pm.  After which we spent nearly 2 hours at Kinko’s with Victor (our new greatest friend).  Victor made magic happen, printing off booklets and helping us get large, foamboard panels for the actual presentation.  We love you, Victor.

Then we had to get to the conference.  Smart one (me) plugged in the address for the wrong hotel, and so we flew across some Dallas interstates to get to the right one.  We made it in just enough time.  Oh, yeah, and we had eaten maybe a biscuit or two for the entire day.  We were hungry and angry and late.

But…the presentation was awesome.  BJ was awesome.  People loved the project and that was especially awesome.  And I got to be the proud wife who felt the greatest sense of relief over all the effort this project had consumed.  We made it, I thought, and we still love each other.  Yes.  The project was that crazy — pretty much the past three months have been consumed by BJ drawing and me doing everything else that needs to get done around the house.  Feeding us, cleaning up after us, shopping for us, and keeping us mildly sane.

I’m so glad to have my husband back.

At the end of the day, our Korean friends took us to a splendiferous Asian market with (literally) 30 different Asian restaurants.  They ordered for us and we feasted on Korean BBQ and other fancy things (with names that are lost on us now).  It was the perfect end to a ridiculous day.

Well, not entirely the end.  The end came after we drank Amstel Light in our hotel room and watched an Animal Planet show about kittens and then The Hangover.  Then we slept for 12 hours; the only reason we woke up was because the housekeeping staff came by twice to try and clean the room.  We left a mere 10 minutes before check out time…

Here’s what I learned from this soul-screaming weekend: It’s okay for one of us to pick up slack when the other needs it, but it cannot last for long.  We were made to ask each other for help, and marriage stinks when one partner can barely get into bed before midnight because of work.  Even without kids, this killed us.  Spring break is opening up a new era for us, one in which we say no way more often.

We promised this to each other while watching The Hangover:  We are not OK with being workaholics.  Sorry, graduate school. We promise to never pretend like we’re workaholics ever, ever again.


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