Tuesday Thankful


…for pretty churches like this one.

…for the ability to knit quadrilaterals thanks to my mother-in-law.

…for a morning breakfast date with the Mister — so much better than Friday night total exhaustion dates.

…for no Internet at home; a night where we could have watched Netflix turns into a few hours swinging out back.

…for spring dresses to combat Waco warmth.

…for trips where the main event is a late night conversation.

…for completed quadrilateral knitting projects.

…for an inkling about direction.

…for homemade chicken stock and pretty pies.

…for questions like this: “Hey, Mrs. Parker! Should I take English literature or British literature?” Sigh.

…for deciding to observe the Sabbath on Tuesdays (since it’s the only day where I can truly shut down) — best plan ever.