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“Sad tales are best for winter” (or a Texas summer): ‘The Winter’s Tale’ opens this week in ATX.

If you happen to be local to Central Texas, come out and enjoy some free Shakespeare-in-the-Park with Something for Nothing Theater Company’s production of The Winter’s Tale. (If you’re curious, I’m playing Hermione, Time, and Mopsa in this 12-actor cast.)  The show opens this Thursday, June 9th at 8:00pm.  Admission is first come, first served.

I’ve loved working on this production (one of my favorite Shakespeare plays) in the glow of post-PhD life.  And the philosophy of Something for Nothing really resonates with my own preferences for experiencing Shakespeare: don’t rely so much on the bells and whistles (or, more commonly, glitter) and let the language itself be the special effect.  The company stages its Shakespeare productions with minimal set, costumes, and general theatrical flair.  In fact, the actors sit onstage and watch the play when they aren’t physically in the scene.  It’s lovely, and it warms this here Bardolator’s heart.



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