Actress Harriet Walter’s wise words on line-learning

IMG_2483I’ve been reading Harriet Walter’s lovely book, Other People’s Shoes: Thoughts on Acting, and came across this fantastic description about what happens when you move beyond shallowly knowing your lines.  Adding this one to the commonplace book, for sure.  And it’s good enough that I thought I’d leave it here as evidence that I have not completely given up on this whole blogging scheme.  (Plus, Walter’s words are definitely good motivation to learn my lines colder than cold for this next go ’round…)

“If lines are shallowly learned, they can easily flit away.  If they are absorbed in a tranquil, unhurried state and sucked deep down with the breath, they will become part of your interior landscape.  Breath accesses the emotions.  It is like a channel which can be choked or kept open.  Keep the channel open each night and things will happen to you, shift inside you.  If things are shifting in you, you stand a chance of shifting the audience.”  

(Other People’s Shoes, p. 82)